Audio Developer / DSP Engineer for Audio Production Application

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Please Note: We're no longer actively recruiting for this role. But, we will be again soon, so if you're interested in upcoming positions, please apply, and we'll get in touch when they open up.


Work from anywhere, flexible-hours, audio developer with interest in vocal cleanup 

Closing Date: When we find the right person, so apply as soon as you can ⚡

What Will You Work On?

Early 2018, we released our ‘Podcast Production' web application – Alitu: The Podcast Maker. It's designed to automate podcast production for regular Podcasters and content creators. The user uploads an audio file, or records it right into the app. Then, our system cleans it up, adds branding & transitions, applies user editing and publishes it, mostly automatically.

We also provide a range of other features to allow the user to record themselves, record calls, edit recordings, add music and other tasks required to create a great podcast.

> Learn more about what we do here

What's the Job?

We're looking for an audio developer, or a digital signal processing (DSP) engineer with extensive audio processing experience, to help us refine and grow the way we clean up and process user audio. The aim is to develop processes which help podcasters to sound consistently great, on air. Your job will be to contribute to the processes and machine learning algorithms that run this behind the scenes.

You'll be working on really interesting and complex problems, looking at ways to analyse recordings, classify and deal with them accordingly. You'll be learning from tens of thousands of hours of real-world audio, applying machine learning techniques, complex analysis and other methods to assess how to process every recording in the best possible way. 

Examples of our work are:

  • voice noise reduction/suppression
  • dynamic equalisation and compression
  • spectral restoration
  • loudness standards
  • real-time and accelerated offline audio processing
  • conferencing webRTC
  • ffmpeg/gstreamer

How we do this isn't set it stone, though, and we want to become the best in the world at processing podcast audio, so you'll be instrumental in defining how we go about that. 

Technical Skills

We're looking for the following skills >


This is the baseline. Please do apply if you can say yes to each:

  • Experience in digital signal processing with audio recordings (examples above)
  • Experience in machine learning/deep learning feature extraction
  • A strong interest in audio engineering, podcasting, mixing
  • Top class software development skills in your chosen language

Bonus Points

Even better if you have experience with any of these, but not essential:

  • Experience in voice processing
  • Experience with WebRTC and media servers (eg. Janus)
  • Experience with node.js development
  • Degree or equivalent experience in maths, computing, engineering or a similar area

Mindset Fit

Your mindset is really important to us, too. Values, culture, whatever you call it, it's how you think. Now, this doesn't mean everyone having the same thoughts, beliefs or background. Quite the opposite – we're passionate about bringing in diverse ideas and opinions, from all backgrounds. But your mindset is more about how you approach things like work and communication. Learn more about how we think on our main recruitment page, and check you'd enjoy working here

> Check you're a culture fit

How it Works

  • Salary – Negotiable & competitive, depending on experience
  • Hours – Flexible Part-time or Full-time – 3 to 5 days per week.
  • Holidays - 28 paid days off per year
  • Benefits – The usual, and growing as we do: holiday pay, pensions, staff parties, etc.
  • Benefits –  We'll pay for courses, equipment, and conference attendance to help your development.
  • Schedule – Flexible hours – we can create your own schedule.
  • Location – local or Remote. Some of the team is based in Dundee and Edinburgh in Scotland, and others are remote. You're welcome to work in one of our offices. But you can be anywhere for this role, and work at a local coworking space if that floats your boat. 

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